Deluxe Checks Coupon And Review

Before our review below let’s first quickly deal with the issue of Deluxe checks coupon codes in 2013. Deluxe are one of the few services that offer regular promo codes for their business and personal checks, in some cases up to 50% off your first order. Free shipping is also regularly offered. These are Official coupons for new and existing customers, meaning you can keep coming back and saving again and again.

How To Use Your Deluxe Checks Coupon Code

Firstly click ‘Activate Offer’ for the relevant promotional offer you want, below. This will immediately open a new browser session at where the promotion will automatically be activated for you and the prices will reflect this. There is no need to actually enter the Deluxe checks coupon manually. All you then need to do is order your checks or forms from this new browser window to receive the promotion.

40% Off 1st Order Checks/Forms

No coupon is required just click "Activate Offer" and your discount will automatically be applied to all prices.
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expires 01/31/2016

$50 Off $200+ For ALL Orders

No coupon is required just click "Activate Offer" and your discount will automatically be applied at checkout.
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expires 01/31/2016

No Better Quality With Deluxe Checks

The Deluxe Check company provides a number of amazing opportunities for you. Sometimes using cash or credit is not the safest way to keep up with your finances. Checks provide a number of benefits for those who bank and make purchases on regular basis. Consider some of the check services Deluxe offers.

Deluxe Corp is one of the most trusted check suppliers in the nation, and offers a variety of convenient and secure ways for customers to utilize their services. Their site provides a very intuitive and comprehensive way to order items online. Once arriving to their site, you will find a large variety of unique checking items and accessories that come in many different designs, and some of which can be personalized to suit your taste.

In case you’re one of the many people who may not be quite familiar with the checking process, the Deluxe website has several options to help you get started. A simple search will show you a number of available starter kits. Each kit provides various benefits that can come in handy. To those just starting out.

Business and Personal Checks

Deluxe offer their customers a choice of business and personal checks. Business checks for corporations come in a number of different designs and are of great value. Buy in bulk and use coupon codes to save a huge amount.

Personal checks have a vast array of designs that will appeal to all. The look of some checks can be very plain and mundane. Try sprucing up the look by adding some of your favorite pictures and cartoon cartoon characters. There are dozens of designs to choose from. You can choose from your favorite sports team, to your favorite animal. It is a great way to express your personality and style.

A great Superman styled check

superman check

Simply browse through the hundreds of designs and take your pick. As soon as you are happy, add them to your cart, apply a promotional code and your order will be shipped immediately.


Sometimes, especially in the corporate arena, checks need to be delivered fast, sometimes with next day delivery. Deluxe offer many options includings half week, next morning and express. Note that express delivery only applies to Deluxe checks ordering and reorders and not other items on the website. Order status can be checked on the website itself.

Live Customer Support

Live support is offered on all corporate and personal orders as well as a help option on the website. So, rather than calling a phone number, you will be put through to customer service where a member of Deluxe will answer any order or catalog queries you may have. Deluxe are known to have a very high customer service support team ready at hand 24/7.

To access the LIVE support click the CHAT icon


This will open up a chat window where you enter your name and number and you will be connected to a LIVE customer support agent.

deluxe chat window

There is also a thorough FAQ where you should perhaps look first if you have any issues as most questions are answer here. You can access the FAQ section here


When it comes to your finances, security should be one of your top priorities. There are a number of products that can help protect you and your money. The High Security Bundle comes equipped with security pens and privacy stamps for you safety needs. The pens provide safety from check fraud by utilizing a special ink that prevents it from being washed off. The stamp uses a unique pattern to mask your valuable information.

Laser Checks

Although there are various ways payments are made, most fraudulent criminals pursue checks more frequently than any other payment method. Fortunately Deluxe have printers able to minimize the possibility of funds being stolen, by using laser checks. With these you are able to utilize a number of security features in order to prevent theft. These items can feature paper that is chemically sensitive, print that is unerasable, heat sensitive ink, and much much more.

Envelopes are also available for customers as well. There are dozens of various confidential envelopes to help keep sensitive information safe from prying eyes. They are made from quality material, and color that help give you more of a professional image. Many come with intricate patterns covering the inside to help keep confidential information confidential, and give you peace of mind.


As discussed at the beginning of this article, a Deluxe checks coupon is available on a monthly basis however several offers are ongoing. The most cost effective are the 50 off discount on first orders, which includes business checks, and the 50 off 200 offer. When a coupon is activated in your account you will see it displayed on the top right corner. For 50% off promotions the prices will actually be discounted whilst you shop, NOT at checkout. So, make sure you use the codes at the top of this article when you make your first Deluxe Check order or reorder.

deluxe checks coupon


When you choose Deluxe checks, you are opening yourself up to a safe and secure way to handle your finances. Deluxe Corp is equipped with the latest and most elite products designed to give you the level of comfort and ease you deserve. With a score of 8.5 with Top Ten Reviews you can have peace of mind when ordering. Visit Deluxe Checks website and give it a try.

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